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Hořovice Hospital is more than a regular regional type hospital. The hospital offers a wide range of ambulances and counseling centers linked to individual wards. It provides specialized health services to patients from all over the Czech Republic beyond basic medical fields.

Hořovice Hospital, together with Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital and Multiscan Pardubice Radiological and Oncological Center, are part of the Sotiriose Zavalianise Healthcare Group. AKESO holding

The Gynecological and Obstetric Ward has the largest maternity hospital in Central Bohemia with its Obstetrics at the Sun Gate.

In 2014, the Neonatology Ward obtained the status of the Perinatology Center of Intermediate Care with the possibility of providing care to newborns from the 31st week of pregnancy.

In addition to basic surgical care, the Surgical Ward of Hořovice Hospital also provides gastroenterological care within the IBD Center (a center for patients with non-specific intestinal inflammation - ie Crohn's disease) to patients from all over the country.

In 2014, the Children's Department opened the first workplace in the Czech Republic for children with chronic disabilities of basic life functions - the Department of After-Care Intensive Care for children.

The Orthopedic Ward applies over 600 total hip and knee joint replacements annually and automatically provides the necessary medical rehabilitation to the recipient in Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital.

The hospital in Hořovice continues to expand its services, both in terms of expanding their spectrum and the quality of services offered.

Over the past few years, the hospital has undergone extensive rebuilding, first in its outpatient and later inpatient areas. At present, all of its inpatient wards are equipped with one to four-bed rooms with their own sanitary facilities, TVs in each room and Internet access via WiFi.

Another significant trump card in the game of patient satisfaction and health is its own hospital pharmacy, providing not only a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic products, but also medical and rehabilitation aids.

There is a car park in front of the hospital with more than 100 parking spaces.

It is clear from the above that the efforts of the hospital owner, Ing. Sotirose Zavalianise is to create a medical facility providing not only standard health care in the best quality, but also providing unique services in the Czech Republic. And all of this in the most pleasant environment for our patients, who we also consider to be our clients.


Altoa Medical Tourism provides individual and above-standard medical care to international or local patients who do not have public health insurance and are considered self-payers. Medical treatment is provided at its three hospitals and through a network of medical facilities in the Czech Republic.

We treat all our clients with respect and individually, ensuring care is provided at the highest possible level while maintaining their

full privacy, wishes and personal needs. Besides that, Altoa ensures its clients with comprehensive services such as transfer, accommodation, interpreting services, visa assistance and taking care of clients' leisure time. 

For more information visit the website: and contact one of its medical coordinators directly. 


●      Ward of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation

●      Central operating rooms

●      Central reception

●      Central Sterilization

●      Children's Department

●      Physiotherapy

●      Ward of Gynecology

●      Ward of Surgery

●      Ward of Internal Medicine

●      Clinical Laboratory

●      Speech therapy clinic

●      Subsequent intensive care for children

●      Neurology Ward

●      Neonatology Ward

●      Cancer Care Center 

●      ENT outpatient

●      Orthopedic ward

●      Pathology

●      Maternity ward at the Sun Gate

●      Psychological ambulance

●      Department of Radiology

●      Private ambulances

●      Transfusion department

●      Urology

●      Dental clinic


Hospital Hořovice
NH Hospital as
K Nemocnici 1106/14
268 31 Hořovice

+420 311 551 111
+420 311 559 050
Reception (questions and ordering):
14 500 (abbreviated number - dial without prefix) - serves only to be ordered for examination.
Calls are charged at the rate according to your operator.


NH Hospital as
a company registered in the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File 13753
Circuit 1135/44
155 00 Praha 5

Identification Number: 27872963
VAT: CZ699004146

ID data box: dkqfd9r